Seltzer Engineering Pvt. Ltd. offer superior quality water treatment plants that process water in order to purify it through separation of particulate matter. These systems effectively make water fit for drinking and industrial water to be used for irrigation purposes. We are the one-stop platform with wide range of water treatment plant, reverse osmosis system, Micron filtration / disinfect ion [ ultra - violet - chlorinator / ozonator ]/ Chemical dosing / Swimming pool filtration systems and more.

We offer following products that features:

• Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant

• Water Softener Plant

• Mineral Water Plant

• DM Plant

• Filtration Plant

• Ozonater

• UV Treatment

• Automatic Mineral Water Packaging Machine

• Chemical

• Turnkey Industrial projects

• Conventional Pressure Filters/Iron Removable Filters

• Swimming pool Water Treatment

• Sewage Treatment Plants and Water Recycling Plants

• Effluent Treatment Plant

• All Water Treatment Components